Peter Troissinger – Executive Chef at Hotel Massenet in Shanghai

Peter Troissinger, executive chef at hotel Massenet in Shanghai, recently
took over the culinary experience of the restaurants guests by creating
not only fantastic tasting dishes but also amazingly and colorful presented.

Peter joined Blades of the Gods as one of our brand ambassadors earlier this year.
He has been working with our Shastra Chef’s Knife and he is loving it. Please also
watch out for his top of the edge cutting and serving boards called Woodi.

Below mouthwatering pictures of some kitchen highlights.


Lobster Salad with Parma Ham, Sweet Corn, Celeriac & Vanilla Vinegar

Venison with Parmesan Crème Garden Radish’s and Carrot Peanut Sauce01

Pigeon & Duck Liver with Chioggia Beets, Sweet Potatoes & fermented Black Garlic

Duck with Red Cabbage Marjoram, Parsnip Biscuit & Lemon-Chili jam

Passion Fruit Cremeux, Snow Egg Island, Mango Comport, Mango Sorbet