Ryan Clift – Tippling Club Singapore

In early 2008, Ryan moved to Singapore to start his own venture, determined to take modern food and cocktail pairing to a new level. It was there that Ryan and his team launched Tippling Club. Within its first two years of operation, Tippling Club quickly earned its reputation as one of Singapore’s top restaurants. In the 2009 Phaidon cookbook entitled Coco, Ryan was handpicked by ten of the world’s greatest chefs as the gastronomic superstar of tomorrow.

We met Ryan for the first time in April and asked if he wanted to join Blades of the Gods as one of our brand ambassadors, and if he would be interested in creating a series of kitchen knives with his preferences of shape and geometry. Ryan’s love for Austrian wines and weekend trips to Bali seemed to connect us immediately.

We are very happy and proud to work with such an innovative and humble guy like Ryan.

Watch out for some upcoming news about the Tippling Club series of kitchen knives!



Tippling Club - White Truffle Styrofoam

Tippling Club - Pear Tart (High Res)

Tippling Club - Heirloom Carrot Gnocchi (High Res)

Tippling Club - Juniper Sling (High Res)