FEATURE 01 – M390 Chefs Knife – Ryan Clift Series

This week featured Chefs Knife is from our M390 series in cooperation with Chef Ryan Clift from Tippling Club in Singapore and Windmühlen Messer from Solingen. Their famous dry-fine grinding technique guarantees a very thin and ridiculously sharp cutting edge that is worked out with impeccable german craftsmanship. Vacuum hardened and ice-tempered to 61 HRC.


Blade length: 19 cm/ 7.48 inch
Knife overall: 32 cm/ 12.59 inch
Knife weight: 170g
Single knife roll made from cotton canvas, linen knife sheath, macadamia caring oil and packaged in a protective cardboard roll clad with the natural “Federn” paper from Gmund Papers.

To get one of the first batch of this exquisite hand made kitchen knives please click on the link below or contact us via email.



RyanClift-m390-chef-knife-backRyanClift-m390-chef-knife-frontDOSE-rolle weiss

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