FEATURE 02 – Damascus steel Pairing Knife – Ryan Clift Series

The second week featured knife is our 12cm Pairing knife. The damascus blade is made from 160 layers of iron and nickel, while for the cutting edge Boehler’s K460 steel was used. The handle is made from Irang wood and the ferrule and balancing Pentagon applications from white bronze.

The blade was forged in Bali by our Master Blacksmith Empu Ketut Mudra. After the heat treatment the blade was finished in Solingen by Windmuehle and their famous fine dry grinding technique.

A combination of Balinese blacksmithing tradition with modern, German perfection.


Blade length: 12 cm/ 4.72 inch
Knife overall: 23 cm/ 9.05 inch
Knife weight: 80g
Single knife roll from suede leather and cotton canvas, linen knife sheath, macadamia caring oil and packaged in a protective cardboard roll clad with the natural “Federn” paper from Gmund Papers.

To get this one of a kind Pairing knife please click on the link below or contact us via email.


pairing-knife-vegetable-fruitsRyanClift-damast-paring-lRyanClift-damsast-paring-rRyanClift-damast-paring-front RyanClift-damast-paring-backPairingKnife-leatherRoll _MG_3897rolle blau

2 thoughts on “FEATURE 02 – Damascus steel Pairing Knife – Ryan Clift Series

  1. Dear Sirs, did you have sell the knife roll individually without buying the knife itself? I really love the design of the knife roll. Kindy let me know whether you have sell it. My current live in Singapore. Thank you.

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