One of a kind Gold Gyuto Chef Knife

A masterpiece of Metallurgy!

The hand-forged double beveled blade of the Gold Gyuto featuring five metals including 21 karat gold and is probably the first of its kind.

This knife, which will only be available by special order, is the result of a design collaboration between Blades of the Gods and a high-end speciality knife enthusiast from Singapore.

The Gold Gyuto has a 210mm blade crafted in the Lima Logam (Five Metal), a nearly buried in oblivion Balinese forging style. The metals include iron, meteorite, nickel, carbon-steel and 40 grams of 21 karat gold. The handle is made from Irang wood and features sandblasted 21 kt. solid gold ferrule and the signature pentagon logo.

As with all our knives the blades integrated Damascus pattern is hand-forged by Master Blacksmith Empu Ketut Mudra and is the highest of quality and craftsmanship.

Each work-step of the three week processing period was timed and based on the belief of Empu Ketut Mudra on special forging-ceremonial-dates written down in the Balinese lunar calendar to enhance the power of the blade and its owner.

Gold was chosen for this masterpiece because of it’s association and believe in success, achievement and sophistication.

Price on request.

gold_gyuto1gold_gyuto2gold_gyuto3gold_gyuto4gold_gyuto5gold_gyuto9gold_gyuto7gold_gyuto6 gold_gyuto8

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