Custom Champagne Sword “Saber”

An Investment for generations!

During a champagne degustation in the Austrian Alps our client and us have been exploring, over few glasses of La Grande Dame, all design possibilities for a unique and extravagant saber to hit the bottles in proper way.

Few weeks later, back in Bali and surrounded by a dozen of the best Balinese artisan, we had plenty of scope to arouse the cobra-skull-saber.

It took us nearly one month transforming finest materials like irang wood, silver and a 181 layers Damascus-Steel package in to this saber. Finally after all the fine-tuning the 60 cm long sword was bedded in a hand-woven “Songket” covered by black suede leather.

For all those, who don´t know yet; sabering champagne is a tradition that dates back 200 years. Hitting the lip of the champagne bottle breaks the glass to separate the collar from the neck and the inside pressure of around 90 psi ensure that no glass falls back in to the bottle.

An experienced “Sabreur” opens the ice cold bottle under little loss of sparkling wine. Madame Clicquot and good old Napoleon would agree there is always time for little “Sabrage” action and a glass of champagne.

For your own individual saber feel free to contact us!

Price: starting at 18.000 USD



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