It is said there is never a day in Bali without a ceremony. A few impressions of the daily based Canang Sari offerings made of banana leaves and decorated with colorful flowers followed by some pictures of an Odalan ceremony. It is the birthday celebration of the temple which always come along with traditional plays and held every 210 days based on the Pawukon, the balinese lunar calendar.

Blades of the Gods – a film about 1100 years of tradition

A film about Master Blacksmith Empu Ketut Mudra, his family and “Blades of the Gods”. The cooperative was founded in 2009 by Bernhard Leiner, Thomas Samson and Empu Ketut Mudra to help preserve a 1100 year old tradition. With the knowledge and the helping hands from various chefs around the globe, Blades of the Gods manufacture outstandingly sharp and beautiful knives.

In the beginning there was fire

Welcome to Blades of the Gods.  Real blades – crafted by knowledgeable, wise individuals – are personal, timeless, very sharp and first and foremost, hard to come by. For thousands of years the blade a man carried, made him who he was. The Highlanders and Murasaki would agree that a blade is not just a tool.

Blades of the gods – from the island of the gods. For more information please visit us at: